12 Bizarre Mental Disorders That Will Leave You Speechless


By now most of us have heard about anorexia, a food disorder characterized by food restriction; however bigorexia is quite the opposite. Also known as muscle dysmorphia, this disorder occurs when an individual (mostly men) is obsessed or worries that they are underweight or underdeveloped.

Due to this distorted self-image the individual will engage in extreme workout methods, use excessive amounts of food supplements and becomes so focused on muscle development that it completely takes over their lives. Researchers believe that it is a form of body dysmorphic disorder, and is related to obsessive compulsive disorder.

Ebkom’s Syndrome

Considered as exceptionally creepy, ekbom syndrome is actually a form of hypochondria where the sufferer thinks their body has been infested by parasites. It is named after Karl Axel Ekbom who documented the disorder in the 1930’s.