10 Yard Decorations That Were Over The Top

A house only becomes a home when you add your personality to it. A lot of people genuinely believe in this and go about actively livening up their houses over an extended period of time. Sometimes though, your personality might not be too pleasant and you could end up showing all your neighbors that you are a creep. One way people showcase their unique identities is by using innovative yard decorations. The yard decorations you will find on this list are definitely innovative, but they also border on horrifying, offensive and creepy.

Poorly Buried Man

This man wanted his neighbors to think that he was a murderer who was just not adept enough to hide the body entirely. Now that is quite the message to send out.

Shocking Effigy

This horrifying and shocking effigy actually forced the Secret Service to visit the home owner in order to confirm that he isn’t a psychopath. Turns out he was just a bigoted racist!