10 Photos That Will Ruin Your Favorite Childhood Show

At one time or another, when we were kids we had shows that we absolutely loved. We thought that everything about these shows were the best things in the world and there was nothing that could change the way we felt about them. The fact of the matter is that there is definitely a way we could have changed how we felt about a series, and you’re going to be seeing some pictures in this list that will definitely change the way you look at your favorite series for the worse. It appears the writers of these shows were actually including a ton of funny jokes in the series. It appears the jokes are actually on the viewers. Check out our list of 10 photos that will totally ruin your favorite childhood shows and let us know if you’re able to look at these shows the same way.

What Was SpongeBob Blowing Into?

SpongeBob was making a balloon friend, but those balloons have a very distinct shape to them. They almost look like something else he shouldn’t be blowing into.

Romance On Pokemon?

It’s pretty amazing the animators of Pokemon allowed this frame to be shot. Likitung and Jesse appear to be extra close. Maybe that’s why some of these creatures were being caught.