10 Unique Toys And Products You Can Buy For Stress-Busting

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Are you stressed? Recent research shows that the stress levels in the western world are rising faster than any other time in history, that includes the world wars! Depression rates are through the roof as well, and all this in the time of the technology age, where social media has made the world a smaller place. Despite all the tensions and loneliness plaguing modern society, there is plenty to look forward to and live for if you manage to keep things in perspective. Here is a list of 10 silly toys you can pick up just so that you can bust that stress.

Moonlight Pillow

This awesome pillow with a hidden battery pack lights up your room with some extremely relaxing colors and helps you lighten the mood instantly.

Magic Sakura Tree

This simple yet innovative product takes you to spring time in Japan while you are in your own home. Just add some of the magic water they give you with the tree, and it blossoms some beautiful pink flowers for a month.

LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Mood lamps are always awesome, but have you seen one that features LED-lit Jellyfish? It is everything you would imagine it to be.

Massage Chairs

What better way to kick the heck out of stress than to have your own personal masseuse taking care of you. This can be easily achieved by purchasing a massage chair. It is guaranteed to become your favorite piece of furniture in your home.

Geek Cube

This awesome cube can be placed anywhere in your home and it features over a 1000 colorful lights, that change in relaxing and soothing ways.

Punching Bag

We tend to use people as punching bags in our life, but you know what would be a lot less dysfunctional? Using an actual punching bag. You can buy one now, and not only does it work as a great stress-buster, it can also double up as a work out tool too.

Panic Buttom

Ever feel like screaming out loud, but it would be way too inappropriate? Now you can buy a panic button and make it scream for you. “It wasn’t me boss, it was the panic button”.

Brass Knuckles

Don’t worry, this is not a real set of brass knuckles. It is a stress beater designed in that shape. It can help transfer some stress by scaring those around you.

Virtual Bubble Wrap

Who doesn’t like bubble wrap? That’s right; no one. This handy toy actually works by providing you with an infinite supply of bubble wrap to pop.

Stress Ball

Everyone likes stress balls. Having one that reminds you about the finer things in life can be a great way of taking your mind off things.