10 Of The Strangest Political Parties In The U.S.

The US has two main political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. However, throughout history a series of third parties existed that have been linked to weird happenings, crazy stories and wacky platforms. They’ve all been active only for brief periods of time and never really officially made it, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. We’ve gathered the ten of the strangest third parties in the US politics in our list below. We’re sure you don’t know about many of them and some of them will blow your mind.

American Vegetarian Party

The American Vegetarian Party (AVP) was originally established in 1947. The party’s primary focus was forcing an ending of meat consumption alongside alcohol and tobacco consumption. Of course, it died out very soon.

Anti-Nebraska Party

In 1854, the US government decided to create new territories called Kansas and Nebraska and forced slavery into those states. The Anti-Nebraska activists formed a party that acted on a national level. The only thing they were trying to achieve? Get Nebraska to stop being an actual state as long as slavery is included in the deal.