10 Tips For The Budding Urban Explorer

Urban exploration has to be one of the coolest experiences someone can undertake in this modern world of hours. Being an urban explorer and delving into the dark, dank depths of history is impressive and awe-inspiring. Fear, rumors, time, and legal issues are all capable of stopping the budding urban explorer who simply wants to look into the past. Some buildings are dangerous, some are off-limits to the civilian world, and some are just ripe for snapping photographs. Here are ten true-to-life tips for the budding urban explorer.


Before venturing into the unknown, stop off at a gas station. You really, really need a full tank if you intend to take a road trip to an abandoned building, town, or location of any sort. There is nothing worse than running out of gas at a creepy abandoned farm.


Bring some snacks, even if you need to stop at an unhealthy fast-food restaurant. Having something to eat on your person will do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. If you’re hungry, then you are more likely to make mistakes and could potentially get hurt.