10 Miraculous Stories Of Stillborn Babies Coming Back To Life

Perhaps there is nothing more disheartening than giving birth to a stillborn baby. Nine months of wonder, hope, and promise are all dashed in a matter of minutes. Amazingly, a few babies who were born dead, or died within the first couple of breaths, somehow found their way to the land of the living. These babies experience the wonder of birth, the tragedy of death, and the miracle of resurrection, all within the first few hours of their life. Read on to find out about ten miraculous stories of stillborn babies coming back to life

Mary Ellen James

Mary Ellen James gave birth to a stillborn baby in 1989 after going into labor way too early. She thought her baby would never breathe but the doctors managed to revive it after extensive measures were taken and they performed heart massage for more than an hour. The baby went on to have a normal life.

David Ring

In 1953, Leron Ring gave birth to a stillborn son, David. Leron was bleeding heavily so the doctors set the baby on the table and cared for the mother. The baby started moving on its own later as the doctors saved the mother. Both mother and baby survived the birth, but since the baby’s brain did not receive oxygen for 20 minutes, he got diagnosed with cerebral palsy that affects his fine motor skills and his speech.