10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Human Voice

The human voice is a truly staggering thing that is unique amongst all of the living creatures on the planet. It is an effective and sophisticated means of communications that is capable of being manipulated in ways that are far more complex than any other animal. Not only is it capable of producing elegant sounds that can be used as language but it can also be used to sing and chant. Although we use it every day, there is still plenty of things most of us don’t know about our own voices.

All Children Are Trebles

Unlike the vast majority of people who are baritones or mezzo-sopranos, all children are considered trebles. Once they hit puberty, the vocal cords and folds thicken and grow in length, with this effect happening to a greater extent with men.

This Led To Forced Castrations

In order to ensure that the best singers wouldn’t lose their range and get deeper voices, some boys would be castrated before they hit puberty. These people, called Castrati, would be highly paid for their services though.