10 Things Today’s Teenagers Would Never Understand

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Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, today’s kids and teenagers pretty much have it easy. They’re able to see what their friends are up to online, download music, binge watch the latest TV shows and so much more. There are some things, however, that today’s teenagers will never painfully understand. Many of the things some of us had to deal with during our adolescent and teen years may seem ancient to some teens. Let’s take a look at a few things today’s teens will never understand and have to deal with.

Dial Up Internet

In the 90s and early 00s, we had dial up internet. It would often take forever for the internet to make a connection. If someone had to use the phone, you had no choice but to disconnect your service until their phone conversation was completed.

Recording on VHS

Today’s technology allows us to stream TV episodes as well as record them on DVR. Today’s teens will never understand recording a tape on a VHS to watch later and hoping no one recorded over it before you got a chance to watch it.

Use A Physical Map

We didn’t always have nifty GPS apps in the palm of our hands. We had to actually use physical maps to figure out our destinations and hope you didn’t get lost.

Recording a Song From The Radio

Today’s teens will never understand having to listen to the radio all day just to hear your favorite song. You’d then try to record the song on a cassette tape.

Actually Being Social

Many of today’s teens may meet some of their friends on social networks. It gives them the chance to interact with people without actually being social. This in turn makes them socially awkward because they don’t know how to interact offline.

Not Being Able To Binge Watch

Thanks to On Demand, Netflix and Hulu services, we’re able to binge watch pretty much everything. Today’s teens will never understand having to wait until a show’s season is over in order to watch reruns.

Going to A Record Store

Before digital albums, people had to actually go to a record store to support their favorite artists. Kids today have it easy just by buying an album with a simple click online.

TV Guide

If you wanted to see what was coming up on TV, you had to buy a TV Guide. Teens today just have the luxury of searching their cable to see what’s next.

Using An Encyclopedia

Today’s teens will never understand having to physically use an Encyclopedia for information. All they have to do now is search for things on the internet.

Waiting for a Video Premiere on TV

Video premieres were a pretty big deal, especially when airing on TV. You used to have to wait to watch your favorite artist’s video premiere on a music channel, and hope you didn’t miss it.