10 Things Today’s Teenagers Would Never Understand

Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, today’s kids and teenagers pretty much have it easy. They’re able to see what their friends are up to online, download music, binge watch the latest TV shows and so much more. There are some things, however, that today’s teenagers will never painfully understand. Many of the things some of us had to deal with during our adolescent and teen years may seem ancient to some teens. Let’s take a look at a few things today’s teens will never understand and have to deal with.

Dial Up Internet

In the 90s and early 00s, we had dial up internet. It would often take forever for the internet to make a connection. If someone had to use the phone, you had no choice but to disconnect your service until their phone conversation was completed.

Recording on VHS

Today’s technology allows us to stream TV episodes as well as record them on DVR. Today’s teens will never understand recording a tape on a VHS to watch later and hoping no one recorded over it before you got a chance to watch it.