10 Haunted Forts And Battlefields From Around The World

The majority of the people on this planet tend not to believe in the paranormal. For those who do believe, however, the very real fear of a haunted location can leave people completely frozen in shock and terror. Places like battlefields and ancient military forts where people died in spades during violent conflicts and wars are believed to be extremely haunted. Most of these people died in horrible ways, which makes them just ripe for a haunting. Here are ten haunted forts and battlefields that we dare you to visit and spend time in.

Fort Meigs

During the War of 1812, Fort Meigs, which is just to the south of Toledo, Ohio, was defended against British attacks for many years. Eventually it was abandoned and burned to the ground. Today, people claim to hear rifles, drums, and cannons from the area.

Fort William Henry

Fort William Henry, located in Lake George, New York, is a famous fort used during the French and Indian War. An episode of Ghost Hunters was even featured here, and the crew called it the most haunted military fort in the country. Ghost tours are offered regularly, and footsteps are sometimes heard throughout the empty halls.