10 Things The Secret Service Doesn’t Want You To Know

While the secret service isn’t technically an organization that is all about hiding things, there are a number of facts the organization would rather keep quiet. Sometimes they want these secrets kept because they help them protect the president. Other times, the secrets are those that would be quite embarrassing if they actually got out. Whatever the reason, there are things that the average person doesn’t know about what is actually a branch of the treasury department and that branch is quite happy having those things not be known. Unfortunately for them, we’ve found out some of those pieces of information. Check out these 10 things the secret service doesn’t want you to know and let us know what you think.

Several Agents Were Busted For Using Prostitutes

During a 2012 trip to Colombia for a conference of the Americas, the agents who were tasked with protecting President Obama decided to have a little fun. In all, 11 secret service agents were found to have cavorted with prostitutes, some while they were still on duty.

An Armed Man Got Close To The White House

In August of 2014, Omar Gonzalez was able to jump over the White House fence and run quite a few yards towards the white house before agents were able to take him down. He was armed and apparently intended to do harm. The proximity to the White House the man was able to attain was quite embarrassing to the people tasked with stopping anyone from doing exactly what Gonzalez did.