10 Weird Reasons Why People Fall In Love

Individuals fall in love each and every day; however, when a couple goes entirely gaga over one another, what is happening in their brains? Over the last few decades, several scientists have looked at the rules of attraction — what is it about your chemical makeup that sparks up chemistry with the other individual? Brian Grossman, a psychologist in Los Angeles, said that it is never only one thing, like pheromones or facial symmetry. However, there are some specific, concrete characteristics that lend themselves to long-term relationships and attraction. This list contains 10 weird reasons why people fall in love.


A person’s voice signals their interest. Voices of ladies go down when they are attracted to someone, and voices of men go up.

Walking Pace

A same walking pace is also one of the reasons for love. When a guy finds a romantic pursuit, he likes matching pace with the lady by reducing walking pace.