10 Strange And Funny Cake Toppers

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A cake topper is a fun way of summarizing the theme of an event, while also expressing a creative angle on the situation. Most cake toppers tend to be straight-forward and to the point, but a new trend of using hilarious cake toppers has been quickly growing. A cake is a light and informal element in any party, so why not add to the merriment by adding a strange and funny cake topper to the mix. The following list compiles ten hilarious cake toppers that we’ve found across the internet, and maybe you should use one for your next event!

Mr. And Mrs. Robot

There is nothing like two like-minded people getting together, right? Everything just seems to fit a lot better in that world.

Naked Truth

This must have been the cake topper for a bachelor party or an extremely kinky wedding. Either way, it must have been a fun party.

Pregnant Cake Topper

It isn’t very nice that a cake topper reminds you about putting on a lot of weight when you are pregnant. Then again, its best to dull the blows with some humor.

iPhone Cake Toppers

Nothing says it is your special day like using your favorite smart phones to tell people that you are gadget freaks.

Lets Get Ready To Rumble

A marriage is like a rough UFC match. Lets face it, only one person is going to walk out of this with little to no injuries.

My Little Pony

For all the fans of My Little Pony, and all the Bronies in the world, this is a wedding cake topper for you!

Father Of The Bride

Darth Vader is famous for decapitating limbs in the Star Wars franchise, so this groom must have done something pretty serious to get on the dark side of him.

Hellish Day

Even Satan needs someone special to keep his life in check. Just hope the lady is carrying some sun screen, because it is going to be pretty warm in hell.

Army Of Darkness

This cake topper has been made specially for fans of the ‘Evil dead’ series. This is the recreation of the poster from the third film of the series.

Batman And Catwoman

What better way to prove to your friends that you are a massive batman fan than by using the dark knight as your cake topper for your wedding!