10 Smart And Clever Tip Jars

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The service industry is full of people who rely heavily on tips. From restaurants to coffee shops, people try their best to help the customer so that they can earn a decent tip in return. We see tip jars all over the place, but not enough people are courteous enough to leave a tip on their own. This is why a lot of places have had to create special tip jars in order to get people’s attention. Here is a list of 10 tip jars that are smart and creative in their approach to squeeze the extra few cents from the customer:

Monster Jaw

This tip jar got completely transformed into a monster’s jaw just by using a couple of cut-outs and a small note on the side.

Battle Of The Sexes

This man decided to pose the question for all ages in order to get a few more bucks in his account. Is he accounting for the fact that women apparently only make 70 cents in comparison to a man’s dollar?

Righteous Lovers

The logic here is that if you are a giving person when it comes to tips, you must be good in bed as well.

Hotdogs For Sea Monsters

No one can turn down a good cause. Feeding hotdogs to sea monsters is as good a cause as any to get the tips flowing.

Questionare Jar

This isn’t a tip jar per se. It is merely collecting answers to important questions in the form of currency.

Finding Giv-Mo

Only a heartless person would let a fish die from lack of currency. Someone throw that fish a buck, stat!

Mullet Threat

Everyone hates mullets. This tip jar is using the threat of a nasty fashion fad to keep the money rolling.

The Big Lebowski

Making a reference to an awesome cult classic is a great way to earn your customers respect and their money.

Fear Of Change

Don’t you hate it when change gets in the way of your life? Like when change gets in the way of having an organized wallet. Leave it all behind in this tip jar.

Complaint Jar

Not everyone has money for a tip, but nearly everyone has complaints. This tip jar is making that very point by disguising itself as a complaint jar.