10 Shocking Facts You Never Knew About Spider-Man

The web-slinger is easily one of the most recognizable superheroes of all time. He’s one of Marvel’s most popular characters and has had quite a history over the years. The story of young Peter Parker is relatable for readers of all ages, which is probably the key to Spider-Man’s popularity. Even the most dedicated fan can learn a thing or two about the web-slinger’s history. We recently posted our ’10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Hulk’ list, and with the recent Sony/Marvel deal it seemed like the perfect timing to create a list for Spider-Man. So, below is 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Spider-Man.

He’s Loved Four Different Women

Believe it or not but Spider-Man has been romantically involved with more than just Mary Jane Watson. Before he met Mary Jane, he was in love with a girl named Betty Brant. After that fell apart, he moved on to the blonde beauty, Gwen Stacy. The death of Gwen was tragic, but Peter Parker was able to move on. His sights were set on the spunky Mary Jane, and the two eventually hit it off. The fourth love interest was the mysterious Black Cat. When Mary Jane was away from New York, Parker and Felicia Hardy (Black Bat) sparked interesting chemistry. Nothing came to fruition however, and Spider-Man eventually ended up with Mary Jane.

He Was A Member Of Fantastic Four

Spider-Man once joined Marvel’s only superhero family, The Fantastic Four. With the death of the Human Torch, they were looking for other members to join their team. Spider-Man eventually filled the hole left by Johnny Storm, and the team name changed to the Fantastic Foundation. Spidey was upgraded with a brand new suit that allowed him to switch between civilian clothes and his costume with just his mind.