10 Silly Facts About Space That Are Really Interesting

Outer space is an awesome thing, and although scientists have already discovered so much about it, there’s still a wealth of knowledge that has yet to be learned. So much of what we know about our own planet comes from things that scientists have learned over the course of history. Of course, throughout all of the important things that have been learned, there are a few irrelevant, silly facts that don’t really help anyone out, but are still really fun to know. This list contains ten facts just like that about outer space.

10-Decillion Carat Diamond

There’s a star that’s about 20 light years from Earth that is basically a giant diamond. Scientists have estimated that it’s the size of 10 decillion carats; that’s 10 followed by 33 zeros!

Astronauts Special Diets

Astronauts have to go on a special diet before entering space, which includes eliminating pretty much anything that causes gas. Scientists still haven’t figured out a way to help space suits deal with passing gas.