10 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Beards

Beards Denote Higher Social Status

A study conducted by Dixson and Vasey in 2012 indicated that women perceived men with beards to be of a higher social status. They also tend to think people with beards are older than clean shaven men. This actually makes some sense, when you think about the fact that men have to hit a certain age level (puberty) before hair will grow.

Virgins Grow Better Beards

Scientists have found that people who are celibate will grow a longer beard faster. This appears to be because people who are having sex release excess hormones that actually reduce hair growth. This is also a self fulfilling prophecy, because a guy who has a long, out of control beard, isn’t going to get a lot of sex thrown his way. This in turns keeps him celibate longer. It’s the circle of beard life.