10 Awesome And Fearsome Photographs Of Lightning

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The complexity of nature is best understood when observing its many phenomenon. From the movement of the tides to the shattering of the ground, nature appears to be constantly engaging in some form of expression or another. Lightning strikes are one of nature’s most beautiful and fearsome phenomenon. They look extremely stunning from a distance, but can be quite fatal up close. Watching lightning showers can be a truly mesmerizing experience, and this list features 10 of the best photographs featuring brilliant lightning showers.

Purple Haze

The color of the sky makes this lightning storm appear a lot more ominous.

Complex Web

The way the lightning spreads across the sky in this picture appears to be forming a complex pattern.

Raining Lightning

A burst of mighty lightning strikes rain down simultaneously in this brilliantly timed photograph.

Point Of Origin

You can clearly see the point of origin of these lightning bolts in this picture.

City Lights

The lights in this city pale in comparison to the show on display by nature.

Cloudy Day

The mood created by the dark clouds are shattered by the fearsome lightning bolts.

High Voltage

You do not want to be anywhere near this powerful lightning storm.

Light Show

Watching a lightning storm can sometimes feel like the natural version of watching a light and sound show.

Fearsome Storm

The storm brewing at a distance looks a lot more fearsome thanks to the lightning bolts moving within the clouds.

Step Back Please

Unlike this person, if you ever see a lightning storm closing in on you, take a few steps back, or better yet, run away!