10 Shocking Earthquake Facts That Will Make You Tremble

Earthquakes, for those who are unaccustomed to their gravity and occasional destruction, can be pretty terrifying experiences to undergo. They are also one of the single most intriguing natural events on the entire planet, so it makes sense there are entire organizations and scientists willing to sit through years of schooling to study these catastrophes when, and before, they strike. Today, we have a lot of scientific equipment to monitor an earthquake. Hundreds of years ago, some believe a giant fish caused them. Here are ten ground-shaking earthquake facts to make you tremble.

Old Days

Long before we had the scientific equipment used today, researchers would often make use of spring pendulums to measure an earthquake’s intensity.

San Andreas Fault

All thanks to the San Andreas Fault, Los Angeles and San Francisco are said to dramatically shift over the next century. Some believe they will break off entirely into the ocean.


Believe it or not, moonquakes are an actual thing. These are smaller earthquakes that occur on the moon.


When an earthquake begins to form underneath the ocean, a massive tsunami is capable of forming, which will cause more devastation.


The dead center of an earthquake is known as an epicenter, and it is generally located above the surface of the planet.

Tectonic Shifts

Thanks to tectonic shifts, both the Andes and Himalayas – two massive mountains – were formed by the power of earthquakes.

Annual Experiences

There are said to be over 500,000 earthquakes every single year. There are far more than we never feel, though.


Swimming pools are a great way to keep track of an earthquake. The pool will experience a seiche through the water when one strikes.


California has long been known as a hotspot for earthquakes. There are over 10,000 occurring annually within the state.

Safety States

The two states were people are less likely to experience an earthquake are Florida and North Dakota. Move there for safety.