10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Playboy Dan Bilzerian

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Dan Bilzerian may not be a name everyone has heard of, but he is a man you should look into sometime. The man has mastered the art of social media by posting pictures of himself winning millions in poker tournaments, shooting some of the world’s most insane weapons, and hanging out with women who wear less clothing than those in Playboy – in fact, some of them may be models for them. Basically, Dan Bilzerian net worth is enough to do as he pleases without many consequences. That being said, for those who do know of the guy, there are a lot of things he doesn’t broadcast to the world. Here are ten secrets you didn’t know about playboy Dan Bilzerian.

Serious Heart Problems

His lavish lifestyle may appear quite fun, but the man has had heart problems since he was in his early 20’s. He experienced a double heart attack at the age of 25, then another at 32.

Badly Behaved Navy Seal Recruit

At one point in his life, Bilzerian was training to become a tough Navy Seal, but ended up being one of the worst behaved individuals there. He nearly completed the training, but ended up in a dispute with his commanding officer.

Smushball, Dan Bilzerian’s cat, is a three-legged Persian Doll Face cat that has an Instagram following of over half a million. Basically, the cat is more popular than you.

Shenanigans Involving Women

Bilzerian is not universally popular, as some believe he is a misogynist. He has treated women in highly inappropriate ways in the past, and has been involved in numerous controversies. He employs a woman to simply stroke his beard during poker matches.

Father Went To Prison

Paul Bilzerian, the playboy’s father, was an private equity trader during the 1980s, and owned a robotics company. He ended up headed to prison when Dan was just 10-years-old for stock fraud.

Hard Time In School

Dan Bilzerian will tell you his hatred of authority stems form his father’s troubles. He has also admitted to hating high school and being incredibly unpopular and lonely during those years.

Part Of A Mormon Community

Following being expelled from a second school, Bilzerian ended up in a military academy. This did not work, though, so he ended up at a Mormon community in Utah.

He Sued Lone Survivor

If you’ve seen Lone Survivor, then you know Bilzerian played a part alongside Mark Wahlberg – albeit a short part. He invested $1 million into the movie for 80 words of dialogue and 8 minutes of screen time, but ended up with one line and only 7 minutes on screen. He sued the movie producers.

Net Worth Up For Debate

Bilzerian has estimated his net worth to be around $100 million, but that could be wrong. He has admitted to be just an average poker player, despite winning over $50 million in private games. His LA mansion has been rented out to a Singapore businessman for $35,000 a month for extra cash.

Surprisingly Generous

Despite coming across as a douche, the man is actually surprisingly generous. He invested $2,000 so a friend, Jay Farber, could participate in a national poker tournament, as she could not afford it. He also hands out cash to his friends pursuing their dreams with lack of funds.