10 Ridiculous Bra Ideas That Are Somewhat Creative

Golf Putting Green Bra

For those who are not only playful in the bed, but want a true sports experience, Lingerie maker Triumph International Japan has the perfect bra concept. Designed to appeal to golfing enthusiasts and called the ‘Nice Cup in Bra,’ this lingerie can quickly be turned into a 1.5-meter-long putting mat with a built-in speaker, that shouts ‘Nice shot’ whenever someone sinks a putt into one of the cups.

The Chopstick Bra

Triumph International Japan has a lot of crazy ideas. If you believe eating is a better past-time than playing golf, then this Chopstick bra is the perfect option for you or your loved one. Designed to promote the use of reusable chopsticks, this bra will not only enhance your looks, but help save the planet at the same time.