10 Restaurants That Have Stunning Views

Going out to eat is a part of everyday life for many people. Usually, people go to restaurants for the excellent food, outstanding service, convenient location, or affordable price. It is not typical to expect a five star view at most restaurants, as that will usually require travelling great distances to where a great view can be seen. However, there are some restaurants where the view is just as exquisite as the food, and ten of those are contained in the list below.


This restaurant in Hubei Province, China is located right on the side of a cliff, so getting there is slightly dangerous, but the view is worth it.

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant

This Kenyan restaurant is located in a cave, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a beautiful view of the night sky!

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

This restaurant in Tanzania could probably serve the grossest food in the world and still attract visitors. The view is breathtaking.

Piz Gloria

This revolving restaurant, located on the Schilthorn, Switzerland is located right at the summit of the Bernese Alps. Surprisingly, this restaurant was actually used in a James Bond movie.

La View

This restaurant in Bali gives a stunning view of the jungle. In addition to their traditional dining room, they also have a floating dining area for romantic occasions, and their “birdnest” room for people who would like more privacy.

Lebau At State Tower

This restaurant in Thailand is located at the top of State Tower, and gives a gorgeous view of Bankok! The restaurant has won many awards, so it’s proven that it’s a great spot, not just for the view, but also for its food.

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

This restaurant in the Philippines has its tables located right in the water! Customers have to remove their shoes, because their feet will be right in the water while they dine.

Torre d’Alta Mar

This restaurant in Spain was built at the top of an old port cable’s tower. It has a view of the city and the beach so there’s something for everyone!

Two Oceans Restaurant

This restaurant in Cape Point, South Africa, is located right where the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet up, making for a fantastic view.


This restaurant in Arizona is right in the heart of the desert, and the views are gorgeous. The head chef at the restaurant is Beau MacMillan, a Food Network star.