10 Really Crazy Gadgets For Texting

The technology market seems to be going a bit over-board lately. For every great invention, there seems to be a thousand different re-inventions, along with a bunch of ancillary products to play off the original idea. Calling someone on the move used to fascinate people no less than two decades ago. Now the age of calling is gone, and it is all about texting using different applications. Here are 10 crazy gadgets that have been specifically designed to help you text with greater ease, as if texting wasn’t easy enough.

SuperTooth HD

This is the most advanced version of a Bluetooth device on the market. It is supposed to have three times the power of regular devices and it allows you to carry out a large number of functions using state-of-the-art voice commands. This device pretty much ensures that you can use your phone without having to actually use it ever again.

Brolly Texting Umbrella

The Brolly Texting Umbrella is designed to help you text easily when you are holding an umbrella in the rain. The basic functionality of this device stems from the holder that is fixed at the bottom of the umbrella.