10 Products With Incredibly Dirty Names

Marketing companies tend to know exactly what people are willing to buy off of store shelves these days, but sometimes a product seems to slip by even the most adept of marketing teams and end up being sold around the world with an incredibly horrible name that is too dirty for most people. What were some of these companies thinking when they decided to name their products after sex acts or after fecal matter? We’re not quite sure, but we still get a laugh out of finding them on store shelves. Here are ten products with incredibly dirty names that someone should have picked up on.

Horny Goat Weed

While Horny Goat Weed may be useful to some people, especially those in search of a natural herbal supplement, the designers and company in charge could have chosen something a little more eye-catching for the bottle.

Cock Flavoured Soup

Soup is wonderful, especially when you are sick and stuck in bed. However, Grace probably should have thought a little harder before naming this particular soup mix as ‘Cock Flavoured’ and putting it on store shelves.