10 Photos Of The Happiest Animals Of All Time

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Animals make us smile and laugh, and they also make us feel happy and better about ourselves. There’s also the need to find the cutest puppy who can smile the biggest to adopt or to adopt the cuddliest kitten with the most amazing sense of happiness around. So when we actively search the Internet for happy photos of animals, it is no wonder their smiles can turn our frowns into smiles as well. That’s why today we bring you the happiest animals of them all to make you smile too, so if you’ve had a bad day or feel down, these will make you feel a whole lot better!

The Happiest Pig

This cute mini pig has got it all including good looks and a winning smile.

The Estatic Puppy

May this puppy’s happiness become your own today.

The Most Content Dog

This puppy is full of life and it’s the most adorable thing you’ll see all day.

The Cuddliest Dog

This dog’s level of excitement that comes as a result of being belly scratched cannot even be measured.

The Joyful Seal

This seal’s got all the reasons to be joyful. And so should you!

The Friendly Horses

This friendly gang of horses really love hanging out together.

The Delighted Goat

This goat’s got style, grace and happiness.

The Overjoyed Puppy

This puppy finds joy in the smallest things. Look at him loving this flower!

This Quokka

Quokkas always look like they’re having the time of their lives. Whether they’re upset or angry, they still have one of the happiest smiles you’ll ever see!

The Merry Baby Seal

On a scale of cuteness from one to ten, this baby comes at eleven.