20 Things That Only 90’s Kids Will Understand

Kids born after 1999 have no idea of what they missed out on. The 90’s were undeniably a golden era for children everywhere and since the decade, things have gone downhill all over the place. Whilst we might not have appreciated the sheer joy that the 90’s were at the time, retrospect is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Although these things might have died in the 90’s, they still live on in our hearts. Here’s looking at you, 90’s kids.

Painfully Deleting Text Messages

Having a phone in the 90’s was something most kids could only dream. Those that did get their hands on the technology faced the daily challenge of choosing which text messages to keep and which to delete. Long live the memory card.

Nailing A New Ringtone On Your Nokia

The sweet, sweet satisfaction of getting a new ring tone on point was like nothing else in this world. Everyone knew that you weren’t anybody if you didn’t have a customized ring tone.

Waiting For Your Crimpers To Heat Up

The agony of waiting for crimpers to heat up was unlike any other. 90’s technology just couldn’t seem to get up to speed and if you wanted to perfect your ‘do, you had to wait at least 20 minutes for things to get going.

Having To Wait 20 Minutes For The Internet To Connect

The days of dial up internet were long and painful and it was simply impossible to do anything in a hurry. The sound of the internet connecting has been burned into your memory and will haunt you for the rest of your life.