10 People Who Truly Believed They Were Vampires

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Vampires, werewolves, and zombies are all creatures invented to scare children and adults and create great stories and movies. Vampires, notably, suck the blood from a living person to sustain themselves. Some people believe these creatures do exist, unfortunately, and there are people living in today’s world who claim to be a blood-sucking vampire in real life. Here are ten such individuals who took things a step too far, whether it was drinking the blood of their victims or consuming pieces of the flesh.

Joshua Rudiger

Mr. Rudiger claimed he was a 2000 year old vampire, so he went on a killing spree to sustain himself. He murdered homeless people by slashing their necks with a knife. He said “prey is prey.”

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer, has been thought to be a vampire and a monster. He was infatuated with killing and necrophilia, murdering young girls across the United States.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Known serial killer and sex offender, Jeffrey Dahmer raped, murdered and mutilated 17 men during his reign. He consumed the bodies of some, had sex with others, and preserved body parts for later usage.

Shane Chartres Abbott

Shane Chartres Abbott, a male prostitute from Australia, turned into a well known murderer who loved to drink the blood of his victims. He also ate the tongues. He was killed by the hand of a victim’s friend.

Diana Semenuha

Diana Semenuha, known by the Ukraine police as The Vampire Witch, was arrested for luring young children into her home and drinking their blood. She was said to do this to prevent a muscle wasting condition she suffered from.

Josephine Smith

Josephine Smith, of Florida, jumped on top of a 69-year-old man and began tearing chunks off of him after shouting, “I am a vampire and I am going to eat you.” She bit chunks from his face before he escaped.

Tracey Wigginton

Known as the “Lesbian Vampire Killer,” Tracey Wigginton, of Australia, stabbed a man 27 times, killing him, and drank the blood from his body. She was released from prison recently.

Wayne Boden

Wayne Boden was known as The Vampire Rapist thanks to his love of biting a victim’s breasts and sucking blood from the wound. This forensic evidence was the cause of his capture.

John Brennan Crutchley

Dubbed “The Florida Vampire Rapist,” John Brennan Crutchley was a copycat of Wayne Boden, except he lived down south. He killed many women, sucking the blood of their breasts.

Peter Kurten

Known as “The Vampire of Dusseldorf,” Peter Kurten murdered a total of 60 people. He received sexual pleasure by the sight of blood and is known as a prototypical sadist.