10 Outrageous People Who Pretended To Be Doctors

Talking about careers at a party is probably just as awkward as talking about our political inclinations and religious beliefs. We probably have lied or exaggerated at least once in our lives about what we do for a living. For most people, it’s just due to discomfort, to impress, or just to have some fun. Other people, however, go further and do it to scam or con people for their own selfish purposes. Here are 10 individuals who actually convinced people that they were doctors. Some of these had more devastating results.

Fake Doctor Fools Women Into Letting Him Examine Them

In January 2015, a 25-year-old man from Malta named Michael Camilo Precht was arrested for posing as a doctor and fooled at least three women into letting him examine them.

Precht told the women that he wanted to hire them for his company the Lifeguard Academy. He embellished a story claiming that his company required medical check-ups and since he was a doctor, and claimed that he could do the checkups himself. On his alleged medical letterhead, he wrote: “You need a boyfriend to give you a massage every day.” The women took the note to police. Precht is jailed for two years and fined for 2,329 euros.

The Man’s Life that Inspired ‘Catch Me If You Can’

Frank Abignale, Jr. is the most famous and successful impersonator behind the Hollywood movie ‘Catch Me If You Can’. He successfully pretended several white collar jobs such as a pilot, doctor and lawyer (and he eventually passed the bar). Now he is employed by FBI for his expertise in forgery & document theft.