10 Of The Most Controversial Album Covers Ever Released

Album covers are often the only way for a band to show their artistic side in terms of visuals so they can regularly be incredibly experimental and impressionistic. At the same time, the cover is also one of just a few cases that a musician or label will be able to try to grab the attention of a potential buyer without them ever having listened to the music before. This necessitates that the covers being eye catching and sometimes shocking, though this can mean they can easily be controversial.

Crystal Castles

The band Crystal Crashers proved to be controversial with their self-entitled album which featured an image of a beaten and bruised Madonna. It wasn’t just the album cover either, it was plastered all over official merchandise, though the outcry was so loud that they eventually swapped the cover for something less shocking.

Appetite For Destruction

Although the Appetite For Destruction eventually went on to have a different cover for most of its releases, some of the originals did slip through. The change was made after MTV refused to show music videos from the band while the image still showed a robot attacking a vulnerable and semi-nude woman.