10 Of The Strangest Fruits You’ll Ever See

You can probably count the types of fruit you have consumed within your lifetime on your fingers, and that is okay. There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever. However, some people pride themselves on trying new, unique food items from around the world. Fruit is one such food that people love to get their hands on. A lot of countries grow their own types of fruit, which are then only sold in their local markets. If you’re lucky, some of these fruits will also sell on the international market, making them available to more people. Here are ten of the strangest fruits we’ve ever seen.


Rambutan is native to Indonesia, and is probably one of the best known types of fruit throughout southeast Asia. Anyone who lives in the west, however, is out of luck, as this is not a common fruit to have been sold on the open market.


Ackee originated in West Africa, but was later transported to Jamaica by the slave trade. Today, the odd-looking fruit has become a staple in Caribbean cuisine. Those who visit the islands on vacation have a far better chance of trying one.