20 Photos Taken At The Perfect Angle

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Everyone is obsessed with taking photos for documenting every moment in their lives. We immediately share them to social media and other online avenues for everyone to see. Sometimes, we are blessed with a photo taken at the perfect moment and at the right angle. These result in ridiculously timed photos that will make you laugh and cry at the same time! Some photos are so genius that we can’t help but share to the whole world the hilarious mishmash of photos. Here are 20 photos taken at the perfect moment and angle.

Ride ’em, Cowboy

It looks like he’s riding on her, but it’s actually a black sash on her waist.

Glamorous College Student

Glamorous cross dresser at university? Not really, just his girlfriend hugging him.

Fourth Family Member

The spectacled man is not really part of the family — he’s part of the painting on the wall!

Oldest Looking Baby

The father and son’s face blending into the picture results in an odd photo.

What Are You Reading, Honey?

Is he hugging her — or she hugging him? It’s almost confusing at first glance.

It’s Leopard Print

Is she floating? Her leopard print leggings are perfectly camouflaged into the floor, creating the leg-less illusion.

Flaunting Them

Don’t worry, she’s not displaying her boob — it’s her elbow, for crying out loud.

Midget Bridesmaids

It looks like she had midgets for bridesmaids. It’s rather unfortunate that the photographer had them sit on the men’s knees…

This Looks So Wrong

No, she’s not indecently touching herself. She’s holding her other friend’s leg!

It’s The Shoe…

A personal favorite in this list, the guy probably had no idea what’s going on in the photo while posing for the camera…

Another Unfortunate Foot

This baby’s foot is making another rather unfortunate shot. Daddy has no idea…

Perfect Angle, Perfect Timing

Perfect place, angle and timing. That’s the formula to creating an image of a man in thong.

Real Centaur

Wait — is that a Real centaur with zebra stripes? Oh, wait…

Armpit Show

We secretly wish it was a sexy butt show, but it was only the photographer’s armpit. Damn.

Nudist At A Party

Oh, a nudist was invited at the party? No… The woman’s arms are just, well, a little flabby.


Can you figure out which body the head belongs to? We’re confused ourselves.

Enviable Legs

Nice legs, mister… Didn’t know you could rock those stilettos, too!

Spread Eagled

She almost looks like she’s spread-eagled to show the world her goods.

Little Black Dresses

Looks like these nuns are down to party! Their lower half, at least.

Which is which?

It’s really strange because they’re almost the same shade of color…