10 Of The Sexiest NFL Wives

When you’re a professional sportsman, it seems that you get all the same perks and adoration as you do from being a famous movie star. Along with the respect garnered by legions of fans who look up to you as a positive role model, there are also quite a few benefits of playing in the NFL.

With that in mind, we present ten of the sexiest WAGs of NFL stars. For those who don’t know, a WAG is a Wife and/or Girlfriend of someone who is famous. And we’re here to tell you, no matter what your sexual preferences, some of these women will make you drop to your knees.

Miranda Brooke – AJ Green

As well as being a WAG to NFL player A.J. Green, Miranda is also an R&B artist who is signed to Def Jam records. So she is more than just a trophy wife.

Samantha Ponder – Christian Ponder

One thing that unites a husband and wife is having mutual interests. In this case, the Minnesota Viking quarterback’s wife is a popular sportscaster for ESPN. So they both share a love of football.