10 Of The Punniest Store Names Ever

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We all love going to the shops, whether it be for clothes, food or shoes, but imagine combing them with puns. Imagine if your favorite store had a punny name — if you’re looking for somewhere to eat, why don’t you just eat at Pita Pan, maybe you’ll actually see Peter there. These stores have some of the punniest names ever, check out this list to get an idea of what you could maybe call your store.

To Kill A Mockingbird

We wonder if they sell the book with tequila?

By The Way

Buy the way, would you like to get some groceries from there?

Brad Pitt

Does Brad Pitt buy his bread from here?

Amy Winehouse

We wonder if Amy went to get her wine from Amy’s Winehouse.


Maybe a magician said “Abracadabra” and there were kebabs.

So It Seems

Maybe you’d like to buy some sewing stuff from this store!

Peter Pan

We wonder if we’d see Tinkerbell here?

Sex And The City

We wonder Sarah Jessica Parker goes to Spex In the City to get her glasses.

Beauty And The Beast

Does Beast go there when he needs a wax?

Forrest Gump

Did Forrest buy Jenny flowers from Florist Gump?