10 Facts About Time That Will Baffle You

Time is one of the most precious and valuable things that one can have, because it is one of the only things in the world that can not be purchased. Everyone has the same amount of time in a day – twenty-four hours, which means that essentially, everyone has the same capability to accomplish great things. Time is something that seems relatively easy to understand, but scientists and researchers have actually discovered that time is a trickier concept than most people realize. This list of ten facts about time will blow your mind.

Earth Rotation

The normal year has 365 days, but the Earth actually takes a little bit longer than that to do a complete rotation around the sun. Because of this, we have the Leap Year every four years to keep the seasons aligned with our calendar.


There is such thing as “temporal illusions” which are basically when the brain receives a large amount of stress (negative or positive). The brain takes this stress and processes it in such a way that the person feels time differently than usual — it might seem to be speeding up or slowing down.