10 Of The Most Toxic Substances In The World

Ethylene Glycol

Most people will probably know ethylene glycol as antifreeze, the substance routinely used in cars and other vehicles. The chemical though can be incredibly dangerous, with its sweet taste making it something that can be accidentally consumed by children and pets. If enough of the toxic material gets into the body it slowly begins to shut down the vital organs, causing death in just 72 hours.


Arsenic is well known for its poisonous properties and has featured in countless works of fiction as a way to kill of characters, giving it an infamy few other toxins have. Its reputation is certainly deserved, with some estimates putting the number of people affected through arsenic poisoning at 100 million around the world due to how common the substance is. Symptoms range from headaches and sickness to blood clots, convulsions or severe pain. Those who ingest enough will eventually fall into a coma and die.