10 Of The Most Shocking And Saddest Catfish Stories Ever

The term ‘catfish’ defines a person who creates a fake profile to deceive others, normally for romantic or criminal purposes. The term came from the title of a documentary ‘Catfish’, which also subsequently became a reality TV series. Some people ‘catfish’ others to scam them of their hard-earned cash, while other simply want to lure someone to a fake relationship. Other people go as far as creating numerous characters to create an elaborate story to play with their victim’s hearts, just for kicks.

The sad thing is, many people fall for these fake personalities, and victims give out their time, money and effort for these non-existent people that they thought really cared for them. Here are 10 of the most shocking and saddest fake internet romances ever.

Woman Wires Online Boyfriend Millions Of Dollars

A woman named Sarah (who wouldn’t give her last name) shares that she has a long-distance relationship with Italian businessman Chris Olsen, who is based in Africa. Although the two ‘lovebirds’ never met, Sarah is said to have wired him more than a million dollars over the course of 18 months they’ve known each other!

Sarah shared in the Dr. Phil TV show that every time her boyfriend makes attempts to visit her in the US, they throw him in jail for various reasons. She’s sent money to help him, and he promises to pay back everything once he comes to the US. She said she’s 95% sure the whole thing isn’t a scam, and they are bound to get married someday.

Man Takes Vengeance To A Woman He’s Never Met

Catfishers stole sexy photos from a San Diego woman who used it to create a fake account to lure Brian Hile into an online relationship. When the 29-year-old realized he’s been scammed for a huge amount of money, he decided to take revenge. Unfortunately his scammer is all the way in South Africa, so he decided to take vengeance in a more practical way: he took out his anger on the woman whose photos he fell in love with. He was able to figure out the girl’s real name, address, contact details, and even her whereabouts. When Brian’s parents become suspicious of their son, they alerted police, who found him only a mile from the woman’s house. He brought duct tape, zip tie, and a to do list on how to carry out the murder!