10 Of The Most Hilarious Notes Left For The Delivery Guy

We’ve all had that one package we were desperately waiting for and we just didn’t want to wait another day. We’ve wanted to figure out some way to make sure the delivery person leaves the package instead of that “sorry we missed you note” despite the fact that there are some packages they just are not supposed to leave unless they see you directly. These people have gone out of their way to not only make notes that will indeed be noticed but also notes that will stand out so the delivery person wants to cooperate. Check out the best of the best of these notes that are left for the delivery guy and let us know if you’ve ever done something similar.

So … Is She There?

It should be pointed out that it’s not always the delivery service’s fault if packages keep coming to the wrong person.

Interesting Approach

This note might just win the Internet if for no other reason than the use of the phrase “like a boss.”