10 Of The Greatest Discoveries Made By Accident

The world is filled with wonderful ideas and discoveries that come to light when a scientist, researcher, or an ordinary individual like us steps upon something great and decides to share it with the world. A lot of these happened completely by accident instead of through hundreds of hours of hard work. If it weren’t for some of these accidental discoveries, life may have been very different for a lot of men and women. Here are ten of the greatest discoveries that were made purely by accident.


Older men are probably jumping with joy at this invention, though back in 1992 it was unheard of. A small Welsh village was working on an angina drug, but the drug they ended up producing had other, more stiffer, powers than expected.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

According to the history as laid down by Nestle, Mrs. Wakefield, who was the owner of Toll House Inn, was cooking chocolate cookies, but she ran out of her favorite baker’s chocolate. She then broke down some semi-sweet chocolate, but it would not mix into the batter well enough. The result was the chocolate chip cookie.