10 Of The Funniest Wine Brand Names

Branding is one of the most important stages while creating a new product or service. Your brand value determines the success of your product, and the loyalty it commands from the public. This is why companies around the world spend millions on advertising and branding. The entire branding process begins by picking the right name for the product. The perfect name manages to make an impression while also sticking to the memory of the consumer. Unfortunately, a lot of products have some terrible names. Wines with bad names may not do much harm, because you tend to not remember the name of the wine at the end of the night anyways. Here is a list of 10 of the funniest brand names around.

Frog’s Piss

At least this frog has a crown on his head. It must mean that he is a royal frog, so his piss might not be that bad after all, right?

Arrogant Frog

People who drink wine are sometimes considered snooty. This issue is not fixed by drinking a wine called Arrogant Frog.