10 Of The Funniest Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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When you make the decision of bringing another life into this world, you pretty much go about changing the entire future of our planet. This baby could go on to do great things and take actions with profound consequences. In any case, this event is a true miracle, the very core of our evolutionary process. Telling your friends and family members that you are expecting a child is a very special time and you want to do that in the best way possible. The 10 couples featured on this list announced their pregnancy in truly hilarious ways.

Family Education

This hilarious picture shows the father instructing his first born on the important lessons involved in having a baby sister. When you see a picture like that, you know they are having a baby.

Other Plans

Even the best laid plans can go to waste when god intervenes!

Big Brother Butch

This dog is a proud soon-to-be big brother. He certainly looks ready for the responsibility.

Ice Ice Baby

What better way to tell your friends and family that you are expecting? Make a reference to a popular 90’s song of course!

Drinking For Two

This couple decided to highlight the unfair nature of pregnancy while announcing the news. No beer for nine months! Mama mia!

Eviction Notice

This is how bitter sibling rivalries begin we think. You should never make them compete for love or toys.

Guess Who’s Pregnant?

If we didn’t know men can’t get pregnant, we would have guessed it was the man in the middle.

Twin Troubles

This mother is happy that the father has to at least bear some financial burdens during this pregnancy.

Coming Soon

No this is not the trailer for a new film. This young couple is expecting a baby that’s all. We wonder what the stork in the middle has to say about it?

Mario And Luigi

Isn’t it always more fun to play two player games? This kid sure seems to think so. He can’t wait for his Luigi to come along.