15 Creepy And Ingenious Parasites That Actually Exist

Mother nature has provided some very sinister and crafty parasites. When you read about them, you will experience a mixture of feelings made up of awe and fear and everything in between, for these parasites are ingenious in how they go about getting what they want, but are terrifying for exactly the same reasons. Thankfully, most of these parasites don’t bother to mess with humans, but just because you are safe doesn’t mean you won’t get nightmares.

Toxoplasma Gondii – The Cupid Between Mice and Cats

This parasite will make a mouse attracted to cat’s body odor. Usually, when a mouse smells a cat, it is supposed to feel fear and flee, but T. gondii inverts this natural response. Humans can contract this parasite, but luckily it cannot turn us into crazy cat ladies.

Loa Loa Filariasis – Worms in Human Eyes

These worms, contracted from fly bites, travel around in the subcutaneous tissues of a human and sometimes make it to the eyes, where an infected human might feel them crawling around. Although they don’t normally affect vision, Loa Loa worms cause horrible irritation and pain. Thankfully, they are easily killed by antibiotics or removed by minor surgery.