10 Of The Funniest Grammar Mistakes Ever Made

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While there are plenty of grammar mistakes, many of them are rather innocent, while others usually make a world of different. Sometimes just a tiny little grammar mistake can give a whole new meaning to a phrase. And even though most people usually just notice the mistake and move on, sometimes the grammar fail makes such a hilarious sentence you cannot do anything else but stop what you are doing, screenshot it and send it to all of your friends to make them laugh. Here are ten grammar fails that made things totally different and incredibly hilarious.

Than or Then

It’s so simple but hilarious.

Thank For Your Copulation

Don’t even try to copulate if you’re heavy!

Dog Eater

Rachel Ray should really get it together.

Disabled Elderly Pregnant Children

That’s a very specific bathroom…

Punishable by Prostitution

The world is full of unusual punishments.

Pedestrian Hunting

Turns out the hunt on humans is in and deer hunting is out.

Time To Eat Children

Talking about hunting, some even go as far as to roast their own children.

Please use Tongue

Turns out there’s no need for sanitary precautions any longer. Germs everywhere!

Unable To Eat Diarrhea

We feel especially bad for this champ. Those are some heavy symptoms!

Their Doing

Should we feel worse for the child or the mom?