10 Prehistoric Creatures That Are Beyond Unusual

Dinosaurs have long been extinct, and new species of animals have stepped up to the plate and taken their place on this planet. However, not all animals that were roaming the world back then were ordinary four-legged creatures we’ve read about in story books and research. Of course, there were some truly odd specimens walking around amongst the trees and foliage, feasting on what they could. Not a single man has laid eyes upon these extinct creatures, and that may be a good thing due to how unusual they are.


The Deinotherium is a genus of elephant that survived millions of years ago. They were generally between 12 and 15 feet tall, which made them the largest mammal to have ever lived. They often used their oddly-shaped tusks to dig in the soil for roots and vegetables to consume.


Therizinosauridae was an odd family of theropods that scientists have recognized by their long necks and oversized claws. Unlike other theropods, though, these were herbivores, and some of them even had feathers like a bird.