10 Of The Craziest Cults To Have Ever Existed

Cults have always had a reputation for carrying out strange rituals and exhibiting erratic behavior. Although they are very rare and hold very little power, cults certainly exist and can have thousands of members around the world. While movies and television shows have made them appear much more dangerous than they are in reality, there are still a wide collection that have existed throughout history that are completely bizarre. Whether it is because of their unusual religious beliefs or obsessive ceremonies, some cults are much more like what you would expect to see in a horror film rather than in real life.

Heaven’s Gate

Believing that the Earth was to be completely destroyed and the spirits of every human being were to be wiped out of existence, the Heaven’s Gate cult was a particularly bizarre cult. It effectively ended in 1997 when the 38 remaining followers and leader Marshall Applewhite committed mass suicide. The members believed that this was the only way to avoid the coming apocalypse and preserve their spirits, as it would allow them to escape to a nearby spaceship.

The Raelians

The Raelians claim that they are actually a philosophical movement that wants to promote science and spirituality together, though most others consider the group to be a genuine cult. Their beliefs and behaviors are inspired by an apparent meeting between their leader and an alien being known as Yaweh that is also the god known to religions such as Judaism and Christianity. They have made headlines in recent times for prompting debates surrounding cloning and other medical issues.