10 Of The Best David Bowie Tributes In The World

The world recently lost David Bowie, one of the most remarkably unique musicians in the world. His fascination with everything out there, including outer space, gave his music a unique touch. He has been a vital ingredient of pop-culture for the past several decades, and he has single-handedly managed to shape the future of pop music. His acting career may not have been the most striking one, but he did play several iconic roles during the course of his career. He might be in another plane at this point, but we can rest easy knowing that he has finally gone beyond ordinary existence, something that appealed to the core of his nature. Here is a list of 10 of the best tributes dedicated to David Bowie.

Vatican Tribute

Even the Vatican was moved by David Bowie’s passing, as evidenced by the tribute in one of Vatican’s newspapers – L’Osservatore Romano. The piece was titled – ‘Bowie: Never Banal’.

Airline Tribute

Customers of British Airlines will soon be able to enjoy a wide range of freebies related to David Bowie as part of their in-flight entertainment. This includes documentaries, songs, films and other works that features the late artist, all available for free.