10 Movies Based On True Stories That Weren’t Accurate


Braveheart is a riveting tale of William Wallace but it turns out there are some serious inaccuracies. For one thing, the film says Wallace was born into abject poverty. Experts now claim he was likely an aristocrat. The blue face paint the scots wear into war wouldn’t have happened in that period of time. There is also the rather large rumor that Wallace actually crumbled under torture when he was captured rather than screaming out “freedom” with his dying breath.

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness centers around the tale of Chris Gardner, a poverty stricken salesman who eventually turns his life around in a big way. While the plot might be true, the details have largely been altered. One big change is that Gardner’s wife is portrayed as a horrible woman who leaves him and his son after fighting too much. In reality, the pair split after Gardner had an affair after she had a miscarriage.