10 Most Amazing Human And Animal Friendships

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We have heard of inseparable bonds between lovers, friends and family. It is natural to love your own, after all. We’ve also heard of animal bonds — dogs, penguins, birds and dolphins are known to hold long relationships that can last a lifetime. And we have also heard of human and animal friendships as well.

Ever since humans have learned to domesticate animals during the Stone Age, we have kept them as loyal companions and helpers. Strong human and animal bonds have a mutually beneficial & dynamic relationship between the people and the animals, improving the health and the well being of both. Here are the 10 most awesome human and animal friendships.

Two Guys Befriended A Lion Cub

Friends Ace Berg and John Rendall bought a 35 lb. lion cub at Harrods in 1969. They called the cub ‘Christian’, but within one year they face a problem: Christian was getting too big to keep. They knew sooner or later that they couldn’t keep him any longer and they had to send their pet away to Africa where the cub was rehabilitated before being released to the wild.

A few years later, the two decided to visit their friend in Africa. They were warned that the odds of finding him, lest of Christian still recognizing them, are slim. Yet, they still decided to make the trip.

When they arrived, they received a heartwarming welcome from their old friend, who now has his own pride. He still perfectly recognized his human buddies and gave them a big hug.

Eight-Year-Old Received Random Gifts From Crows

Gabi Mann is an eight-year-old kid from Seattle, Washington. She started befriending crows that visited her home by feeding them. Soon the crows would bring her gifts, such as beads, buttons, metal pieces and other kinds of small trinkets. Gabi says she keeps all the presents she received in labeled pots. How sweet!

Man Saves Penguin’s Life, Now The Two Are Inseparable

Joao de Souza is a 71-year-old widower from Brazil who found a poor penguin washed up on a beach, covered in oil and fighting for life. The old man washed, fed and nursed the penguin before trying to release it. However, the penguin wouldn’t leave his side.

Jingjing, as what the penguin is now called by the locals, follows Joao wherever he goes in the village. The two spend time together strolling around and swimming on the beach.

Man Raises Gorilla As His Own Son

Aspinall Foundation is an organization founded by Damian Aspinall, which is dedicated to breeding and returning apes and other animals back to the wild. One of the animals he reared was Kwibi, a gorilla he had released five years ago. He was born in a zoo in England and eventually released in Gabon. Aspinall was unsure whether the gorilla would still remember him, but he almost instantly did.

Duck Thinks the 5-Year-Old Is His Mom

Kylie Brown is a happy 5-year-old who takes her duck, Snowflake, everywhere with her. The duck has imprinted on the girl and is always following her around. The two go to the park together. They do almost everything together: swimming on the beach, going to soccer practice, doing sleepovers, and yes–even trick-or-treating!

Dog Helps Improve Man’s Health and Way of Life

Five years ago, Eric O’Grey was an obese 340-pound man with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. His medication bill racks up to US $1,000 a month.

His nutritionist advised he should try adopting a dog. Thus, when Eric went to the dog shelter he said he wanted an obese and middle-aged dog, so it would have something common with him.

That day he adopted Peety, and eventually with his dog he had improved his health and overall well being. “We formed an inseparable bond; one that I’d never really experienced with any another person, animal, or anybody,” shares Eric.

With Peety O’Grey had lost 140 pounds and Peety had lost 25. O’Grey thanks Peety for saving his life. “I wake up every day wanting to be the best person that I can be. I think about it now: Who rescued whom?”

The Cat Who Drew The Girl Out of Her Shell

6-year-old Iris Grace Halmshaw has autism, characterized by irregular sleep patterns, doesn’t make eye contact, obsessive behavior and refusing to play with her family and other children.

When Thula the cat came into her life, Iris began to speak. She would say ‘sit, cat’ and Thula would obey. Her speech therapy has improved in leaps and bounds, and Thula even encouraged her to play and paint.

Cambodian Boy’s Best Friend is a Python

Uorn Sambath, a young boy in Cambodia, has an odd companion; a python called Chomreun. Chomreun is a 16 ft. python and weighs 220 pounds. The snake has apparently slithered into the household when the boy was only 3 months old.

The Sambath family believe that the snake brings good luck, however, has also put a financial strain in the family as they had to feed him 22 pounds of chicken a week. He has been relinquished to a rescue center but the boy still visits his best friend regularly.

Man And Goose Are Inseparable

Dominic Ehrler, a retired salesman, befriended a gray goose named Maria in Echo Park. The two are inseparable, taking walks around the park where they first encountered each other.

It started 10 months ago when the goose just simply started following Dominic. He wasn’t feeding or coaxing the goose, but there was something about Dominic that Maria the goose wouldn’t leave his side. “She thinks she owns me,” Dominic said. “Other geese aren’t allowed to be near me on account of Maria.”

Woman And Her Alligator

Mary Thorn adopted Rambo some 11 years ago when the alligator was still a baby reptile. Under her care, the alligator has been potty trained, understands sign language and can even ride a quad bike.

In order to keep the 6 foot long alligator, she has to move to a property with 2.5 acres of open space or give him up to a sanctuary. Mary explains her friendship with Rambo. “He’s like my son. He’s family.”