10 Impressive Facts About The Massive Elephants Of The Wild

Elephants are some of the largest animals currently roaming today’s world. We have seen them across all forms of media, including various cartoons that most of us grew up seeing. Sadly, a lot of poachers hunt these elephants for the ivory of their tusks, their skin, and anything else they can manage to grab off their dead carcass. Most people, however, do not know a lot about these giant, gentle creatures, so we’re here to change that. Here are ten impressive facts about the massive elephants of the wild.

Different Types

Despite most people calling any elephant they see an elephant, there are actually two types of elephants. The first is the Asian elephant, with the second being the African elephant. Additionally, there two types of African elephants, which are the grey colored Savannah elephants and the dark grey Forest elephants.


Did you know that there are homosexual elephants? These elephants will often mount, kiss and intertwine their trunks. Additionally, female elephants, known as elephant cows, will only mate and remain fertile for a few days every single year. During this time, males will try and court her.