10 Nature Facts You Never Knew

Nature is, once again, filled to the brim with nothing but wonder and miracles. Fortunately for everyone who adore reading about the wild world of animals, plants, and the environment as a whole, there are a lot of bizarre happenings going on regularly. Various species are capable of performing some strange oddities, and some have characteristics no one thought would be possible in the animal kingdom. Here are ten oddities science has discovered that should make you gasp.

Miraculous Mice

Believe it or not, mice are basically miracle creatures. These tiny little mammals are capable of squeezing themselves through a tiny hole the size of a ballpoint pen. They can live outdoors through warm months, but seek warmth inside of homes during the colder periods of the year.

Squared Eyes

Unlike the majority of the animal kingdom, goats are known for having squared pupils. This allows the goat to have an impressive vision that covers anywhere from 320 to 340 degrees at once, meaning they can see all around them.