10 Nature Facts You Never Knew

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Nature is, once again, filled to the brim with nothing but wonder and miracles. Fortunately for everyone who adore reading about the wild world of animals, plants, and the environment as a whole, there are a lot of bizarre happenings going on regularly. Various species are capable of performing some strange oddities, and some have characteristics no one thought would be possible in the animal kingdom. Here are ten oddities science has discovered that should make you gasp.

Miraculous Mice

Believe it or not, mice are basically miracle creatures. These tiny little mammals are capable of squeezing themselves through a tiny hole the size of a ballpoint pen. They can live outdoors through warm months, but seek warmth inside of homes during the colder periods of the year.

Squared Eyes

Unlike the majority of the animal kingdom, goats are known for having squared pupils. This allows the goat to have an impressive vision that covers anywhere from 320 to 340 degrees at once, meaning they can see all around them.

Blind Horses

Horses, believe it or not, are incapable of seeing directly in front of themselves. The horse has a wide field of vision, and can see a total of 350 degrees. However, they have two blind spots, one of which is directly in front of them.

Sick Rats

Rats are completely incapable of vomiting. This is because the rat has a limiting wall in-between the two stomachs within, which means they cannot control the diaphragm muscles required to vomit.

Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

While most people will simply say gorilla, the scientific term for the species is actually “Gorilla gorilla gorilla.” This is for the Western Lowland Gorillas, which is the common species most people see in the zoo.

Deadly Swans

Swans have been known to attack and even break a grown man’s arm. They are quite protective of their young, and have no problem using their powerful wings to fight off both canines and humanbeings alike.

Fragile Tarantula

If someone were to drop a tarantula from their hands to the floor, the large spider would basically shatter into numerous pieces. While they are harmless to humans, their exoskeletons make them rather fragile.

Bad Spices

A lot of people use nutmeg while they are cooking and baking, but the spice is actually highly poisonous and quite deadly to grown men and women. If ingested, they cause nausea, fever, and headaches. Too much can cause convulsions and hallucinations.

Communication Leaves

The telegraph plant is capable of performing some truly impressive rapid movements when the wind is not passing by them. The plant is located in Asia, and will shake its leaves by jerking up and down. This movement is visible to the naked eye.

Boiling Defense

The Bombardier beetle is capable of shooting a boiling liquid from its body as a type of defense mechanism against predators and when it feels threatened. The liquid can shoot out up to 70 times in quick succession.