10 Horrifying Photos Showing The Destruction Of The Environment

Many people do not realize the damage being caused to this planet by the progress of humanity. In the forms of mines, deforestation and cities, the ecosystems are being decimated. The scale of the destruction being caused by the developing nations is unfathomable – that is until you take a picture from the sky. Be it with satellite from Google Earth, the international space station, drones or just normal planes, these pictures help by putting the situation into perspective via scale. This list contains ten horrifying photos showing the destruction of the environment.

Mexico City

This picture taken of Mexico City completely illustrates the destruction that “progress” creates on the natural ecosystems. Where there should have been green trees over beautiful rolling hills, there is building upon building of smog covered human habitation.


This gold mine of the Manu Province in Peru decimates the local waterways with pollution. Due to deforestation and mining activities, soil erosion is occurring, as well as mercury poisoning in the waterways.